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Jump Start With Jumper Cables Or Jump Boxes

When your car battery is drained, the solution is to jumpstart your car. In order to do that, you will need high-quality jumper cables, another car and the knowledge on how to safely do it. Jumpstarting a car is a simple process but it can be dangerous, that is the main reason why it is best to call a professional when you need such service.

The traditional way of jumpstarting a car is using another vehicle’s battery. However, today there are many technologies that could help you jumpstart your vehicle even without using another car. That is through the use of a jump box.

When you have a broken down vehicle due to a drained battery, you have two choices. Either use a jump box or jumper cables to help jumpstart the vehicle. We will compare both and see which is better to use.

Jump Boxes Have Limitations

Jump boxes are great because you don’t need another vehicle to jumpstart the car. However, they have limitations too. If the car you are trying to jumpstart is electrically demanding, then the jump boxes may have a hard time jump starting them. Although jump boxes can still be used to jumpstart hybrid or electric cars, you’d need larger ones to make them work.

Jumper Cables Are Easier To store

Jumper cables are more compact as compared to jumper boxes. They can be stored underneath the seat. On the other hand, jumper boxes may be larger and could be heavier. The car has a limited amount of trunk space and carrying something heavy at all times can also negatively affect your gas mileage.

Jump Boxes Require Charging

In order for the jump boxes to work, they should be charged. Charging isn’t done often but you should do it a few times a year. Sometimes, you might forget to charge them because you don’t really use them. If that happens when you’ve drained your batteries, then you can’t use them at all. You’d still need to call for a jumpstart service.

On the other hand, high-quality jumper cables will last for a very long time. You might not even need to buy one even if you change your car. They can last a lifetime and are much more affordable too.

Jump Starters Are Temperature Sensitive

When you break down due to a drained battery in the dead of night in winter, your jumper box may not work as efficiently as possible. This is because the jumper box is affected by temperature. If it is too cold, there is poor performance. However, jumper cables work well whatever the temperature is.

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