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Tire Care Tips For The Summer

Winter seems to be the most hazardous season when it comes to cars. They can skid or get stuck. That’s the reason why you should properly care for and prepare them during the winter.

Just the same, you shouldn’t forget to care for your tires during the summer. After all, most people tend to use their car more during summer. A dead battery isn’t the only thing that can happen to your car during the summer. Did you know that it is also common for people to get a flat tire at that season? Avoid that and other dangerous scenarios due to improper care for your tires by following these tire care tips.

Effect Of Summer On Tires

Do you ever wonder why people don’t advise you to check your tire pressure when you’ve just driven for a long while? Well, that’s because driving would increase the temperature on the tires, which then has an effect on the pressure. This is also true when it comes to the hot temperature during summer. Due to that, there could also be a change in the pressure of your tires. When the pressure is not ideal, your car is more prone to wear and tear, a flat, or bursting.

Caring For Tires In The Summer

Caring for your tires should be done all-year-round. That is why the tips here would also be similar to what you should do at any season. Nevertheless, these should all be done to make sure your tires are in their optimal condition.

Optimal Tire Pressure

Tire pressure is important at any time of year. The tires must be properly inflated so it runs smoothly and there is a lesser risk of premature wear and tear. If you are unsure about your tire’s optimal pressure, the car’s manual is there to help. Manufacturers have a suggested pressure level that you should follow.

When tires are properly inflated, drivers don’t just feel better about handling their vehicles. It is also helpful when it comes to improving gas mileage. Additionally, you can further save more by being able to avoid having to change your car tires because they were easily worn out.

Just like we’ve mentioned earlier, the car tires should be checked when they are cold. Too high pressure will result in a higher chance of a blowout. It is best to check the tire pressure regularly too. Adjust as needed because temperature fluctuations are also common in the summer and it can affect the tire pressure.

Summer Tire Replacement

Aside from the tire pressure, you should also check the tire treads. If they are already worn down, then there is a need to replace them. Worn-down tires won’t be able to optimally grip the road. A penny test will help you check whether your car tires are still good to use.

To do this test, use a penny and slip it in between the tire treads. Make sure that Lincoln’s head is facing you. Insert it on the thread and rotate so that the head faces down. Check to see whether his head goes beneath the treads. If it does, then your tires are still good to go. However, if his entire head is above the treads, then your tires need to be replaced because they are already worn out. Do this test regularly too and replace your tires as needed.

Summer Tire Rotation

Even if you have four identical tires on your vehicle, they will be worn out differently. There are many factors that could affect this such as the weight that the tires hold. More common than not, the front wheels hold more of the weight so they would get easily worn out as compared to the ones on your rear.

Furthermore, turning could also cause your front wheels to receive more wear and tear than those at the back. By rotating your car tires in the summer you could equalize the wear and tear of all your tires. That means that you’d also be having a smoother rider because of equalized wear. Rotating the tires also prolongs the life of the tires so doesn’t skip this during summer or any time of year for that matter.

Rotating your tires is easy and involves a few steps. It’s just like changing a flat tire. If you know how to change a flat tire, then you can easily rotate your tires. When doing this you first loosen the lug nuts on your tire. Then use the auto jack to raise the car off the floor. This allows you to pull off the tire once you remove the lug nuts. Repeat this procedure for the other car tires. Then, switch or rotate the tires and secure them in place with the lug nuts. You can now lower your vehicle when all the tires have been successfully attached.

Tires aren’t cheap, and just like any wearable item, tires need proper maintenance to provide lasting benefit to the driver.  There are times when tires fail unexpectedly even with the most robust maintenance and care.  When an unexpected flat tire occurs, call Now Towing Service in Greensboro to quick 24-hour service today…

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